Climate Change/ ICE & WATER
There is much discussion about climate change and the  effects of it on our environment. , Unfortunately, there are
still people who insist that climate change is nothing but a hoax,
regardless of what our leading climate
s have to say.  Over the past nine years, I've seen the effects of global warming on the glaciers that I
paint. I can see, from year to year, that m
ost are shrinking... noticeably shrinking.

It's not only the glaciers. The oceans are getting warmer, and the beautiful warm salt water that was at one time
considered a healing source,  now comes with a "warning" label if we have happen to have any cuts or breaks in the
skin. Coral Reefs are dying, and so are the fish that inhabited them. And the bad news goes on.

Unfortunately, I don't t
he answers. I can only continue to paint what I see, and support the organizations that
support our environment
; however, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention on my website, some of the people who do have
information, answers, or plans. SO...The websites that I've listed below are only a few of the sites that speak to
Climate Change and the effects on our environment. Look at them if you'd like to know more, and let me know if
there are any others you feel should be included.
Thank you.
Mia Baila Fine Art
Paintings of ICE & WATER