Mia Baila
Paintings of Ice & Water
Title: Smith Glacier
12 in. x 12 in.
Acrylic on Canvas

Smith Glacier is another that is
found in College Fiord in Prince
William Sound, Alaska.     
The way the ice flows down in a twist
and turn, the cold-misty-foggyness of
the Sound, and the stillness of the
water really combine to give this
place a feeling of timelessness.  
If you make the trip here on a cruise
ship, as I did, there will be many
travelers on the ship with you. Even
so, you'll  get a sense of solitude  
here. The people seem to fade away,
and it's just you, the water, the
glacier, the mist, and again...the
blessed, healing silence.
ICE Gallery #2 /College Fiord