Title: Smith Glacier
12 in. x 12 in.
Acrylic on Canvas

Smith Glacier is another that is
found in College Fiord in Prince
William Sound, Alaska.     
The way the ice flowed down in a
twist and turn, the
cold-misty-foggyness of the day,
and the stillness of the water
really combined to give a feeling
of timelessness to the day that I
was here.    
If you make the trip here on a
cruise ship, as I did,  there
will be many travelers on the
ship with you. Even so, you'll  
get a sense of quietude  in this
place. The people kind of fade
away, and it's just you, the
water, the glacier, the mist, and
again...the blessed, healing
ICE Gallery #2
ICE Gallery #2, Mendenhall Glacier, South Sawyer Glacier,
Tracy Arm and College Fiord Glaciers
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