Mia Baila
Paintings of Ice & Water
My representational (realistic) paintings  begin with a
precise drawing.  If I skimp on the drawing, then without a
doubt, I'll have some trouble with the painting.  I  work
from photos that I've taken myself. The drawing on the
right is a preliminary drawing for the painting "Ancient Ice".
I build up the surface of the canvas slightly to enhance
the finished painting, and once the foundation is dry, I
begin to apply layer upon layer of acrylic paint
interspersed with acrylic varnish. It can take me several
weeks to complete a painting, so I always work on more
than one at a time.
Max the Muse (and art

I have a muse, his name
is Max and he is a true
painter's cat. He likes to
stay near me and sleep
while I paint .He's getting
to be an old boy now,
almost 15!
The finished painting,
Ancient Ice"
On another note... I believe that all art
carries energy within it,  and so I write a
positive message on the raw canvas under
the paint.  It's interesting how the messages
find the people that they will best resonate
with, even though they are hidden by paint,
and known only to me (and when
purchased,the buyer). The paintings that I
have now are all charged with good energy
and intention, and sometimes a little Reiki.
Preliminary drawing for my painting,
Ancient Ice
Art is Energy
About my paintings