Title: Bryn Mawr Glacier
12 in. x 12 in.
acrylic on canvas
This is a portrait of
Bryn Mawr
, one of the many glaciers in
College Fiord. College Fiord is
located in Prince William Sound in
Alaska. It's glaciers  were named by
members of the Harriman Expedition
in 1899 for famous East Coast
Women"s and Men's colleges.
Can you see how this glacier seems
to divide, then flow downwards?Those
dark lines near the middle, called
medial moraines, look almost like
traffic lanes to me. College Fiord,
and all the glaciers you see there,
is an otherworldly place. Misty,
cold, and washed in blue-gray icy
colors. A good place for
introspection and silence.
ICE Gallery #2
ICE Gallery #2, Mendenhall Glacier, South Sawyer Glacier,
Tracy Arm and College Fiord Glaciers
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