Mia Baila
Paintings of Ice & Water
Title: Getting Warmer
12in. x 18 in.
acrylic on canvas

This is a portrait of Wellesley Glacier
in College Fiord, Prince William
Sound in Alaska.Do you see the pine
trees on the right? And the ice cave
behind them?
You might notice that this painting
has some warmer colors in the sky
and in the mountains surrounding the
glacier. Why? Well, since I can't paint
climate change or global warming
itself, I decided to add warmer colors
to my palette to suggest a warmer
environment for the ice.
I've done this in several of my other
paintings, but not as obviously as in
this one, and that's why I named it

Getting Warmer
for both our
climate, and the colors that I'm using
in my work.