Title: Approaching Lamplugh,
16 in. x 12in.
acrylic on canvas

Portrait of
Lamplugh Glacier
(pronounced "lamp-hue")

Lamplugh Glacier is in Glacier  Bay
National Park, in Johns Hopkins Inlet, and
it's almost 150 feet high at the face! On the
day that I was there, the sun was shining
and making "diamonds" on the water even
though the wind was icy cold. We came
around a curve and there it was with its
blue ice even bluer than the blue of the sky!
In July of 2016 there was a landslide on the
glacier that spilled black debris over it and
into the water.  Scientists said that this was
due, in part, to the warming temperatures
that are causing the ice that holds back the
rocks and mountains to melt. When they
melt, they release landslides and rock
Mia Baila
Paintings of Ice & Water
ICE Gallery #1 / Glacier Bay